American Express Platinum Metal Card – First Look!

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My chances of being struck by lightning just increased: my new American Express Platinum metal card arrived a few minutes ago!

Let’s take a look — and do a side-by-side comparison of the new Platinum metal card and the “old” plastic version (which is so March 2017!).

A New Platinum Card® Benefit

American Express announced in early March that the Platinum Card®’s already hefty $450 fee is rising to $550. Amex added some extra benefits; metal cards are one of the new perks.

Metal cards were available by request as of March 30. I ordered mine that morning and was informed the card would arrive on March 31 via UPS. The card didn’t arrive until today (April 2). (I was disappointed I wasn’t able to use the metal card when I visited the Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas this morning.) Points, Miles & Martinis wrote Friday about an apparent shortage of metal Platinum cards. Perhaps Amex wasn’t prepared for the number of people wanting the new metal cards?

The New American Express Platinum Metal Card

So was it the worth the wait? (The metal version is certainly heavier than its predecessor, so its being worth the weight is another topic all together.) 

To be honest: meh. It’s certainly nice but doesn’t knock me out.

Aesthetically, it has its good and bad. I like the card’s clean design: the card number and expiration dates are now on the card’s back. Only the cardholder’s name, card CID and Amex “Member Since” date remain on the front. The metal’s dark gray card numbers are easier to read than the plastic’s white, raised print — which faded and became difficult to read, especially where it intersects with the American Express “centurion” logo.

This is my biggest gripe: the card is darker than its plastic counterpart. Personally, I was expecting something much brighter (like the cards promoted in Amex’s own ads).

Comparing the American Express Platinum metal card with the American Express Platinum plastic card.

If you’re sick of cards physically breaking due to stress, the metal card is a must-have. Check out the results of a little “bend test” I conducted.

American Express Platinum metal vs plastic card bend test.

My plastic version of the Platinum card didn’t bounce back into form after this test. (In fact, it looks like a tent right now.) The Platinum metal card, though, survived just fine and is resting in its new home, inside my wallet.

Overall, I like most of the physical changes. Again, the fact Amex promoted bright, crisp looking cards and sent something much darker was a bit disappointing. But the Platinum metal card’s all-around sturdiness is a winner.

How Do Cardholders Get Platinum Metal Cards?

According to @AskAmex (American Express’ Twitter-based customer support team) Platinum metal cards are automatically issued to existing cardholders 60 days before a card’s expiration date.

If you’d rather not wait that long, you can request one by:

  1. Calling the customer service number on the back of your existing Platinum card
  2. Chatting online with a customer service representative
  3. Submitting for card replacement through (Account Services –> Card Management –> Replace Cards)

Did You Get an American Express Platinum Metal Card?

What do you like or dislike about it? If you didn’t order it yet, will you wait until your current card expires? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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