Family Wearing Minnie Mouse Shirts Denied Entry into Airline Lounge

Written by on August 17, 2017 in Travel News

I guess we know which airline lounge isn’t the Minnie Mouse clubhouse.

David K. Li writes in the New York Post that Emma Raikes and seven family members were denied entry to the Aspire Lounge at Terminal One of Manchester Airport on Monday morning. The group said they were on a “familymoon” to Disney’s Florida properties and dressed in Minnie Mouse shirts.

Ms. Raikes’ mother doled out over $200 for the group to enter the airport’s Aspire Lounge. (From what I can tell, it sounds like she pre-booked their lounge admission) They showed up and the Aspire staff (who apparently allow “ostentatious Christmas jumpers”) decided the travelers’ Minnie garb violated lounge dress code.

Only after they covered up the offending clothes were they allowed entry.

So what does the lounge have to say for itself?

The airport lounge is operated and owned by Swiss aviation services firm, Swissport, and a company representative admitted they were wrong to boot the Disney-loving family.

“Our lounges do have a dress code in which we allow guests to wear a myriad of smart casual items and disallow other items such as tour shirts, sportswear and fancy dress, the rep said.

“On this specific occasion, the member of staff who dealt with the family was wrong to have asked them to cover their personalized t-shirts and has misinterpreted the dress code, which is designed to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all guests within our network of lounges.”

Lounge employees will be “re-educated,” the company rep said.

“We sincerely apologize to the family for this genuine mistake and would encourage them to contact us directly to resolve this matter,” according to the company.

From ‘Airport lounge turns away family wearing Minnie Mouse shirts’ by David K. Li

Is Minnie Mouse Really That Offensive?

If you’ve ever been in an airline lounge, you can probably think of far more egregious dress code violations than Minnie Mouse.

I’ve seen people wear tour shirts and baseball caps — at the same time! And I can’t imagine — unless something is lost in cultural translation — what’s so darn offensive about vest tops and fancy dress. Strange? Maybe. But certainly not offensive.

The only thing I can deduce is that the Aspire Lounge folks working that day are strict Looney Tunes fans and hate everything Disney.

Ad-Dress This Topic

What’s your opinion? Should the family have been allowed in without having to cover up their shirts adorned with Mickey Mouse’s galpal? Tell us in the comment section below!

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