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Most of us love saving money and shopping online. Cash back shopping portals help you do both!

You’re not exactly paid to shop but it’s sort of the next best thing. Trust me — your online shopping life will never be the same.

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What Are Shopping Portals?

Shopping portals are websites that link to thousands of online retailers such as Target, iTunes, Best Buy, eBay, etsy, Sears, and Newegg and many more. Shoppers are rewarded with cash back rebates for using a shopping portal’s link to start a shopping session for a particular e-tailer. (Yes, Amazon participates but on a limited basis.)

Say, for example, we want to buy something at Groupon. Our example Groupon deal costs $60. Ebates currently offers a 10% cash back rebate for Groupon. We visit Ebates, search for Groupon, click on the cash back link, and shop at Groupon as normal. We’ll buy our deal for $60; but days later, our Ebates account will show a $6 rebate we’ll eventually receive (along with our other Ebates rebates) via check or PayPal.

I once bought a $200 gift online — but first used a cash back portal to get to the e-tailer. The extra few seconds I spent using a cash back shopping portal earned me a received a $19.96 rebate.

Who Are the Cash Back Shopping Portals?

Some of the more popular cash back shopping portals my wife and I personally use include TopCashBackBeFrugal.comEbates, Mr. RebatesiConsumerSplender, and Yazing.

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When Do You Get Paid?

Several weeks to maybe a couple months, in some cases. While you are netting a discount, it’s not fast money.

Shopping portals and merchants must confirm each purchase, check if you returned or exchanged anything, etc., and then confirm the rebate.

Plus, different portals pay out at different times. Some take a few months, while others are a little speedier. Not to mention, a few shopping portals require a certain spend threshold to trigger payment.

How Are You Paid?

Most cash back shopping portals give you a choice of receiving a check, PayPal transfer, or direct deposit. iConsumer shoppers are now considered stockholders, which certainly seems interesting…

What About Promo Codes?

Shopping portals are chock full of promo codes. That being said, do not use promo codes from sources other than the referring shopping portal. You will otherwise likely lose out on the rebate.

Do All Purchases Earn Cash Back?

No. Nearly all (say they) don’t give cash back rebates on gift card purchases. Best Buy’s listing on TopCashBack states that, “Apple Tablets, Apple Laptops, Apple Desktops, Apple iPhone Hardware, Apple Watches, All Desktops, All Laptops, All Tablets, All Gaming Hardware & POSA Cards are not eligble [sic] for cash back.” So, like, all the fun stuff, right? All that means is you have to be a little more creative and look elsewhere. (Like Apple, Newegg, Dell, etc)

Can You Still Earn Miles or Points — or More Cash Back?

YES! This is another awesome perk of shopping portals.

Let’s go back to our Groupon example.

Our net cost for the uh-mazing Groupon deal will be $54. ($60 x 10% cash back rebate = $6). Because we pay the full $60 up front and use a credit card earning us miles, (that’s very important), we’ll receive the full 60 miles. Our credit card doesn’t know we used a shopping portal and receive rebate — so we’re rewarded the full purchase price’s miles.

If cash back credit cards are more your jam, the same perk applies. If we pay using a Chase Freedom card, our Groupon purchase will score us another $.60 on our credit card statement.

Keep in mind that a number of online merchants already belong to credit card bonus categories. For example, you’ll earn 5x bonus points or cash back using a Chase Ink card at Assuming you start a shopping session from Splender — which currently offers a 5% rebate — you can really stack savings!

Which Shopping Portals Offer the Best Deals?

Retailers sometimes raise and lower their rebate amounts. and are two good sites that analyze which portals offer the best deals for each e-tailer. Check them out first when starting your online shopping trips.

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Think Outside the Box

Don’t limit your cash back portal use to personal shopping! Do you order supplies as part of your job?

I know an office manager who had to order six printer toner drums for his company. He first visited and saw Splender offered 4% cash back at From there, he logged in to his Splender account and clicked through Staples.

Those extra five seconds earned him a rebate of nearly $30 — for a purchase that wasn’t really even “his.” (Unfortunately, he had to pay with a company credit card and didn’t score those points. Remember that reimbursements are a great way to meet minimum spend requirements!)

Branch out and reap the rewards!

Points, Miles, or Cash Back?

A number of airlines and hotels also have shopping portals that offer points and miles rebates – but cash back is frequently a better deal. ( and compare your options). Loyalty programs have an ugly habit of devaluing their points or miles. Plus, with all these hotel and airline mergers taking place, sticking to cash is probably the safest bet.

There are exceptions, though. Apple isn’t listed on most cash back portals — yet you can usually score at least a one mile per dollar spent through several airline and hotel shopping portals. (Here’s a page that links to many of them). Floral deliveries — for some reason — frequently offer better points and miles rebates than they do cash.

Why not start a bank account funded by your cash back rebates? Use those money to offset your travel costs.

Does Amazon Give Cash Back?


On all categories? No!

Expect to see certain clothing items, home goods and other categories (read: not cool electronics, books, groceries, etc) offering cash back rebates.

Cash Back Shopping Portals

Below are some of the shopping portals we use. (You and we both receive cash back bonuses if you sign up via the links below and meet each site’s respective minimum spend requirements. Thank you for your support!)

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